Happy Healthy Parents


Happy Healthy Children

We think that you, as parents, feel that it's evenly important for your children to feel comfortable and challenged during your holiday. 

We're a family with 6 kids and love to go on holiday with all our kids, therefore we think we know what your kids want, so you don't have to worry.   

In case you do worry about something, have a special request or bring children with you who need special attention, please inform us

We will do our utmost best to make your and your childrens' holiday a special one. 

We look forward meeting all of you. 

Spending the day at the pool?

Great, we look forward having you around!

We have toys your kids can use in the pool and spare goggles.

Let us know when you need anything.

Have fun together! 

Goodnight, sleep tight ...

Small children mostly prefer small beds.

We have a few baby cots available. 

Please let us know when you would like to have one in your chalet. 

Free of charge, of course! 

Kiddies corner in the Lounge

Sometimes you just want to have a relaxing day, right?

However, your kids might have other plans.

Just have them play in the kiddies corner in our lounge; we have toys and games available for them.

If you want, they can also watch a movie. 

In the meantime, have a coffee in the bar, or do you need something stronger?

Trouble with food ? 

We will try our best to prepare something your kids also like. 

Our breakfast buffet has a few children's favourites on it too; Nutella, peanut butter and pancakes. 

Please inform us in case they're not allowed to eat something.