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Meet Lilian, Jeroen, and their vibrant family!

Originating from the Netherlands, this adventurous clan embarked on a journey that led them to call Qatar home for a decade. With six children in tow, including four older ones pursuing their studies and careers abroad, Lilian and Jeroen decided to settle in the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa in 2020.


Nestled in their newfound paradise, they warmly welcome guests to their lodge, which they own and personally manage alongside a dedicated team. With their genuine passion for hospitality, Lilian and Jeroen ensure that every aspect of your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.


From providing personalized recommendations to taking care of every detail, they're committed to making your South African adventure truly unforgettable.


Experience the wonders of South Africa alongside Lilian, Jeroen, their charming family and wonderful team, who are eager to share their passion for adventure and hospitality with you.

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