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Family Safari Magic; Single Parents Packages

* Suitable for children aged 6 and above *

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our single parent holiday in South Africa!

Dive into the heart of the wilderness with exhilarating safaris and a range of exciting activities awaiting you and your children. Our standard package offers a 10-day journey filled with exploration and discovery, but the adventure doesn't end there.

Customize your experience with optional upgrades and extend your stay to immerse yourselves even further in the wonders of Africa.

Standard package | 10 nights  | Flights included | Car rental included

Adults               € 4,300.00   

Kids 6 - 12        €  2,500.00 

Teens 12 - 17    €  3,500.00

Deluxe Chalet with ensuite bathroom and private covered patio | Breakfast & dinner are inclusive

Wifi in public area's |  Laundry & ironing service | Kids lounge

20 - 30 juli 2025 
03 - 13 augustus 2025

Included in your itinerary!

Daily Game drive in the beautiful Ndlovumzi Nature Reserve

Spot elegant giraffes, playful monkeys, impressive Blue Wilde Beasts, energetic zebra's and a large variety of colourful birds 


Blyde Canyon Boat trip

The Canyon is not only the habitat of many hippo's and croc's, but also the African Fish Eagle. A guide will tell you all about the flora & fauna


Reptile Centre experience

A private tour with expert guides will provide you with insights in the fascinating world of reptiles. The tour will be followed by a snake demonstration which shows you the behaviour of several different species of snakes. 


Visit the Jabulani Elephant herd 

This remarkable group of elephants has inspired many people with their story of survival. The unique composition, with many orphaned elephants integrated into the group, makes this group world famous. A guide will tell you all about elephant behaviour and the special characteristics of each elephant in the group. Although you can get very close, these elephants do not live in captivity, they roam around in a beautiful nature reserve. 


Nyani Cultural Village

Visit the traditional Sangaan tribe in their own small village. The extraordinary talented men and women deliver a fantastic performance with singing, dancing and storytelling, narrating the hirstory of their tribe in South Africa. Your own dance moves will be put to the test and afterwards the tribe shares insights into their traditional way of life. You conclude with a traditional African lunch where the delicacy Mopani worms are also being served. 


Active Adventure Squad

kids 8 +

 € 350.00   | ZAR 7,250.00

Included in your itinerary!

* Zipline Adventure in the Magoebaskloof 

Enjoy the thrill of sliding over rivers, in deep canyons and through lush forests while you concur 13 ziplines of different heights and lengths. 

* Horseback trail | 2 hours  

Experience the thrill of horseback riding through a nature reserve, where majestic giraffes and other fascinating wildlife roam freely. The guided tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the African bush and you might even get up close and personal with these gentle giants. Rest assured, your expert guides ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels.

Kruger paardrijden mooiste-41.jpg
Indlovu mooiste-6.jpg


Let's go wild !

kids 12+

      € 500.00   | ZAR 10,250.00

Included in your itinerary!

* Zipline Adventure in the Magoebaskloof 

Enjoy the thrill of sliding over rivers, in deep canyons and through lush forests while you concur 13 ziplines of different heights and lengths. 

* Find the big 5! 

You will have a night out in a Big 5 reserve where you will sleep in tents which will give you the ultimate Big 5 experience. Sleeping with the sounds of the hyenas and lions... You will start with a lunch and will leave soon after for the sunset game drive. In a drive of approximately 3 hours you will go look for the big 5. After dinner you go to bed early because your sunrise game drive starts at the break of dawn. After breakfast you will leave and head back to the lodge. 

Extravagant Wilderness Adventure

Adults:          € 500.00  

Kids 6 - 12 :  € 300.00   

Upgrade your package | kids all ages

Sleep in our Executive Chalet

Indulge in luxury and convenience with two spacious sleep suites connected by a luxurious bathroom overlooking the waterhole. Your own private fire pit area and plunge pool will provide an unforgettable stay


Enjoy an exhilarating helicopter flight 

Elevate your experience with a breathtaking helicopter flight, offering not only mazing views, but you might find the wild horses high in the Blyde Canyon

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