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Welcome to HaseKamp Family Bush Lodge

Where your whole family can enjoy the South African wildlife at your own pace. Your stay will be designed according to your personal wishes. Your meals will be ready at a convenient time for you and your safari trips will leave when you are ready. When you decide to go on a day tour, your lunch-to-go can be arranged and your dinner will be ready when you are back.

When spending time at the lodge, your kids can explore the kids lounge while you do a work-out at the gym... or have a drink at the pool. 

No need to hurry, no need to adjust; just enjoy and let us spoil you. 


Our reserve is home to a large variety of wildlife except the big 5. This means we are happy to take kids from all ages in our solar powered golf carts to spot animals, to learn about conservation and to explore the bush. 

In your luxurious chalet you will find everything you need for you, and your children, to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 

We look forward to showing you and your family the beauty of the South African bush. 

Find your perfect Chalet

Because your family is unique and your comfort is our priority, you can choose the chalet that fits your family best. 

All chalets have their own private patio, ensuite bathroom and coffee & tea facilities. 

Let's go on safari 


Our solar powered golf carts are the perfect way to explore the wildlife and the bush. 

Kids from all ages are welcome to join us to spot animals and to explore the bush. 

Kids & the bush 

Kids lounge

We welcome children from all ages! 

All children are fascinated by the African bush and their animals.

Why not enjoy that to the fullest from a young age and teach our children the first steps towards loving nature, caring for the environment and animal conservation. 

Have a look in our kids lounge! Filled with hundreds of books, toys, games, arts & crafts and a special play area for the little ones. Your kids will love it and you will be able to enjoy some time together... 

Day trips

There are many exciting day trips or half-day trips you can do from our lodge.


We have made a collection of trips which will be fitting for both adults and children of all ages. 

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