Activities to do in the area

Ndlovumzi Nature Reserve 

HaseKamp family bush lodge is situated in the middle of Ndlovumzi Nature Reserve; a reserve of 1.000 ha with all kinds of wild animals. It's a wonderful reserve to hike in while trying to spot the various animals. Of course you can also use your car to go on a safari. 

Among giraffes, zebras, kudus, monkeys, wilde beasts, ostriches and impalas you will find a wide variety of insects and birds. 

At the viewpoint you will enjoy a stunning sunset. Don't forget to take some drinks and snacks with you, there's a large table you can use. After sunset you will be able to count a zillion stars. 

If you do not want to go on your own, or your car isn't capable of driving off road, we can take you on a safari trip. Please let us know 2 days in advance. 

Jessica Hippo

Have you ever fed a Hippo? Probably not, right?

Jessica is a very special Hippo, she was raised by humans and therefore she's extremely spoiled. She loves sweet potato, drinks warm Rooibos tea and she loves kisses from women and children. You might even get to massage her back! 

Jessica lives around the corner, it's about a 45 minutes drive from Ndlovumzi. 

Kinyonga Reptile Centre 

The Kinyonga reptile centre is about a half hours' drive from Ndlovumzi. It's a small, but elaborate centre where you can find various reptiles. 

You will find scorpions, spiders and crocodiles. Their collection of snakes is impressive. In case you're not familiar with the dangerous species that live in this area, we would suggest you visit the centre. It would be helpful to know what you're dealing with. 

During tourist season demonstrations with snakes are given, you will get information about their character and how you should handle them. 

If you're very brave, you're allowed to hold a very big python. 

Canopy Tour | Magoebaskloof 

Not afraid of heights? Then, you should really take a canopy tour in the Magoebaskloof. The drive is quite long, about 2 hours, but definitely worth it. 

The Magoebaskloof itself is absolutely beautiful. The canyons are mostly covered in clouds which makes everything a little spooky. 

Across the rivers and canyons you will find 13 zip lines. While gliding you can enjoy the stunning view. 

When you're finished a lunch will be served. Our youngest child was 7 when he participated, he loved it! 

We suggest you book this tour at least a few days in advance at the tourist centre in Hoedspruit. 

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehab Centre 

An absolute MUST - DO.

In Moholoholo you will experience a guided tour where you will hear all about the animals in South Africa. Their habitats will be discussed, but also the poachers that we unfortunately have to deal with a lot. 

You're allowed to stroke a cheetah, hold vultures and meet Stoffel. Stoffel is a honey badger who's the Houdini of the animal kingdom. If you haven't heard of him yet, check out this video on YouTube.

Moholoholo has limited opening hours, therefore you can ask us for more information. It's about one and a half hours drive from Ndlovumzi. 

Panorama Route 

It is breathtakingly beautiful. 

The route takes roughly 5 hours. You start an hour away from Ndlovumzi and drive to the South. Along the route there are various viewpoints to stop at and bask in the glorious views where you can take some pictures.

We'd be happy to give you tips to help you plan your day. 

Kruger NP

And obviously, you're going to want to visit the National Kruger Park. You can't have properly visited South Africa without visiting this park.

One of the park's entrances - Orpen Gate - is within an hour's reach of Ndlovumzi. You can take your own car on a safari in Kruger, as there are asphalt roads that allow you to spot a wide variety of animals that reside in the park. Kruger is extremely large; almost the size of Belgium, but you're only allowed to drive up to a maximum speed of 50 km/h, and so we advice you to make a realistic day plan! You can also spend the night there and go on pre-arranged safaris. We suggest you book at least one night there, and one guided safari to fully take advantage of the experience.  

For more information, have a look at the Krugerpark website

These are only a few of the many activities in the area. There's something for everyone, we're sure about that. We'd be happy to inform you about any other options during your stay with us.